lauantai 22. kesäkuuta 2013

this is just wrong!

Last night i found out..due to me being lazy that eaven the thrillers has gone over the edge, this movie called untraceable...what can i say? That made me sick, physically sick it was about some serial killer killing people kind of online, with videos on the victims as they died and the more the visitors came to the site the more quickly the victims died...that is just unthinkable!

I think it would be much better not to do those kinds of movies, not eaven to the thrillers, i think it only gives to the real serial killers hints of how to kill people, as sick as it sounds but i truly think that is the truth and these shows and movies to me are direct cause of the high school shootings because there is so much violence in everything in video games as well. Before all this madness started there was much less school shootings and violence in general because there weren't so many violent movies around...i think.

perjantai 21. kesäkuuta 2013

crazy Factory order number 3!

So a few weeks ago i ordered some more stuff from Crazy Factory, again and here they are!
Starting with the top left corner i ordered: micro spiral 1,2 mm green, micro spiral 1,2 mm purple, micro spiral with pearls 1,2 mm, this ones circular barbell i have on so from that i don't have a pic, but i ordered a little too big balls for that, my bad, micro labret bar 1,2 mm, no thread with union jack ( if that's the right name for that flag), micro labret bar 1,2 mm , no thread with heart, mustache to 1,2 mm, barbell with dums 1,2 mm, heart earrings and a dice for ball closure ring.

All that added up to 22 € ore something like that, the postage was really quick, about four days like they say in the e-mail they send to you when they've sent them.

keskiviikko 19. kesäkuuta 2013

mad world

I think that the world has always been crazy, but these days when i look at the adverts and shows that is airing, i think the world has truly gone mad, sometimes those shows sickens me i'm not going to say any names of the shows because these are just my opinions and everyone has an equal right of watching what ever they want to, but just to make clear I think that the world is insane these days.

For example before when they had those detective series they just tolled the watchers that someone has injured ore dead and that was it, they didn't think people were stupid...which we still aren't, but these days when someone gets injured ore killed in that kind of show the blood and guts are all been shown, its like a feast of death and destruction, i think that numbs peoples minds of the horrors of death, which in some cases isn't bad at all but usually it isn't good. All i'm trying to say here is that people are still as smart as they were 30 years ago, you don't have to show EVERYTHING.

sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

Hair extentions

So i was just thinking that i would buy some extentions for my annoyingly short hair, i'm just wondering how many i should buy that it wouldn't look stupid on me?

Also today when i went to take my dog for a walk the mosquitoes went straight for my head and stayed there for the rest of the walk, so annoying like writing this blog sometimes is, because i don't quite know the right words sometimes so i have to say things the longer way.

Also i was thinking of getting more "filling" to my star tattoo, but only when it has faded to the point i can't stand the looks of it anymore and would have to get it "redone" again, but i'm not really sure about that either, well luckily i have many years to think that over. I could never get a tattoo that hadn't a meaning to me. The other one that i had done about a year ago, which is a cherry blossom with my mums initials on it, well that said it has very deep meaning to me since my mum died when i was 7 years old. So now every time i look at that tattoo i remember that she is with me always.

My dog and epilepsy

So yesterday...and the day before that my dog had a couple of epileptic seizures and now every time he flinches ore moves quickly i have to check out that he isn't having one right now, he hadn't have one after those that happened last night but he is a bit fearful and so are we, by saying we i mean me and my dad.

The beginning of the day yesterday went great, i went to the market, which is like those block party's that they have in USA i think but with the difference that in these once different people sell their stuff. I wanted to by those native american dream catchers but they didn't take credit cards so i couldn't. Also i was wondering that it would be interesting to do that kind of candy exchange that has been in youtube, but i'm not really sure if i should do that, you'll never know what kind of things would come from there, they could contain drugs ore eaven poison ore something like that, i don't know.

torstai 13. kesäkuuta 2013

An other boring day

Today i had my dog with me at my apartement, as you can see from my instagram Then i went in gigantti and bought a handsfree head set so i wont crash my car and besides it is illegal to drive your car while talking on the phone without a handsfree, well in here finland anyways, but everyone still seems to do that.

I ordered some more stuff from Crazy Factory today, i just couldn't resist no more, well see how long it takes this time to come...the order i mean. I ordered quite a lot of stuff again because it is still cheaper to buy from there than to go in an store in here where i can get one set of earrings for 20e when i can get from the other place ten earrings at the same price.

tiistai 11. kesäkuuta 2013

not my day

Today i was supposed to go promoting my dad's company (in records its his), but i didn't find the right place so i drove to the financial aid kind of thing so i would get my other things in order and while getting there my car's brakes started to make an horrible sound, nothing serious, then i saw that the office wouldn't open till 10 am so i went home and tried to use my phone, didn't work then i drove back to the financial aid kind of office and this time i red the poster proparly, its only open on monday and friday so i have o go to the crowded office tomorrow.

Now that i visited the food store and got to my dad's place and opened a yogurt jar i spilled it on my shirt
-_- this day certainly wasn't fun at all.

maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013

oulu trip done!

I went a bit crazy in Oulu :D i bought all these things: bath towel, "normal" earrings, earrings for my cartilage piercings, perfume, 3 different shirts.
So it was a good trip, everything went as it was supposed to go and now i'm broke..not quite.

Anyways now i have to log off since the thunder is coming this way.

keskiviikko 5. kesäkuuta 2013

what i've been listening to

                                          Pate mustajärvi-ukkometso

                                         j.karjalainen-mennyt mies
                                          Within temptation-shot in the dark
                                         Jontte valosaari feat elastinen-jos mä oisin sun mies

Letting my inner child on the surface

So today on yet an other boring day i tried on my "regular" earring hole an 1.2 mm circular barbell ( just for laughs) and it just slide in...and don't get any gross images about that please XD. I know i know i have a dirty sense of humor, but it just makes life more fun to me.

Also just for laughs i tried to stuff as many marsh mellows in my mouth as i could and i managed to stuff 8 of those in my mouth would've been able to stuff atleast one more but i didn't want to take the risk of choking.
I have almost choked two times in my life and that's more than enough for me. :)

I'm getting really exited about that train ride to Oulu, also a bit worried if i find the right train and don't end up somewhere else i was supposed to go.

tiistai 4. kesäkuuta 2013

Damn hypertrophic scar

So when i had my other cartilage piercing done the piercing lady said that i had an hypertrophic scar on the other one, which sucks, but i'm not takeing it out no matter what and besides it doesn't eaven bother me that much so there isn't any problem i would think.

Its not really that big either because i have been treating it with tea tree oil and am planning on keep using it since its been proved to be effective.

maanantai 3. kesäkuuta 2013

my booring life

I have been a little depressed lately i think, not too badly just a little...i guess. I have nothing to do during the day and i don't have any friends ( i do have two friends, just feels like that sometimes). I don't feel like doing anything at all.

Luckily i'm going to oulu soon with my dad, the ill have loads of things to do and to buy.