maanantai 14. lokakuuta 2013

Canine epilepsy

My dog has been having these epileptic seizures and obviously it hasn't been easy on me to watch him go through that, but luckily they have been reducing since we upsized the medication last time which isn't that long ago and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that he won't die on me just yet. I know he has been with us for some time now and he isn't going to live forever, who would? the lighter things, i just made an other crazy factory order and ordered a lot of new fake plugs and o-rings to them because that way i can sort of customize them so they won't look the same every time.
Their really cheap and quick on their deliveries and i was gonna buy them with my friend, she was going to buy things too, but then she backed down on it ( no big deal ), so i went ahead and ordered alone instead.

I really don't know why i'm still writing in here since i don't get any responses on these posts so that's why i don't write that often because i don't see a point when i feel like no one is reading these, i know this is a little personal but that's the point in writing in here that everyone else can see what i'm doing and to know that  if their dog has epilepsy they are not alone and can ask me any questions regarding to that...ore anything for that matter. I'm not a vet but i can try to answer things best i can.