perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013

So freaking need of company!

I'm now so bored writing here since no one is commenting my posts ore anything, am i the only person on this planet ore what? I have been in instagram more i know that much, you all who were reading my blog have propably gotten bored too when i didn't write anything in here for so long and when i did it was in Finnish, but you've got to understand that i can't be bothered to write some pointless blog if i keep on getting the idea no one is reading it. I guess i'm not that interesting as those blogs who go " mainstreem" and write about superficial things like clothing and makeup, that is so annoying to me that everything has something to do with that category ore baking, i know it is my profession but the catch is that every " average" man is now suddenly a professional baker ore cook ore what ever and that is taking the bread of my table and that isn't that nice to me.

To the lighter thing, i went to see a professional naprapat ore how ever that is written and he said that i have a slime pouch infection in my knee ( yacky isn't it?) i discovered that we all have a slime pouch in our knees and i think that has something to do with shock absorbing when we walk.