torstai 2. tammikuuta 2014

new gailnails

So today i went and got my nails done over again a little different this time. The resault is in the picture above. I showed the nail artist a picture of how i wanted them to be done ( a little reference ) she said she can't do any painted on decorations, she coul've put some pearls ore gems in there but i thought they would just get cought on everything so i went for that simpler look.

I ate something bad yesterday so i haven't been feeling so good the whole day still, but its getting better alrady, i know it may have had something to do with a gastation bread because i didn't look up the date on it ( stupid i know ) and i threw up yesterday and it helped a bit, but yeah today i'm pretty much my old self again. ( except for the back pain :D lol )