tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2013

new ear is here!

New year has come..yet again, and all of my relatives ( feels like that anyways ) is going somewhere abroad and i stay in this cold and dark northern city. Now i know things aren't all bad, there isn't any oblications to visit them ore anything since their not here not that i don't like visiting them.

I really should expand my circles a bit but there is a really small opportunity to do so, well i'll just have to figure something out.

I'll make new years resolutions now just for laughs, i'm not going to take any stress about doing them.

New years resolutions:

1. I won't do anything i'm not totally comfortable with
2. I will expand my sircles a little no matter what
3. I won't worry about the stupidest little things
4. I will try to be happier and not care little mishaps