sunnuntai 7. heinäkuuta 2013

A little break from this..sorry guys

So i know i haven't been writing in here in a while but i have been blogging on instagram so you can follow my life in there much better than in here, my instagram name is juttaylianttila if you were interested.

I have been thinking that it would be fun to test cellphones...due to the reason i can't afford to buy a new one and the old one is kinda annoying me at the moment. It re starts itself without a warning, sooo annoying! Otherwise it has been a great phone so far just getting a little bored with it...they don't even make different cases to it like they do on the i phones, so not fair :D

And an other thing the i phone is rediculously expensive, over 700€! Even if i had that kind of money i would never ever buy that expensive phone, i would be shitting myself if i dropped it and belive me it isn't that unusual to me. Im accident prone girl. So if you know some place i could start testing new phones just comment me on here ore on my instagram.