lauantai 22. kesäkuuta 2013

this is just wrong!

Last night i found out..due to me being lazy that eaven the thrillers has gone over the edge, this movie called untraceable...what can i say? That made me sick, physically sick it was about some serial killer killing people kind of online, with videos on the victims as they died and the more the visitors came to the site the more quickly the victims died...that is just unthinkable!

I think it would be much better not to do those kinds of movies, not eaven to the thrillers, i think it only gives to the real serial killers hints of how to kill people, as sick as it sounds but i truly think that is the truth and these shows and movies to me are direct cause of the high school shootings because there is so much violence in everything in video games as well. Before all this madness started there was much less school shootings and violence in general because there weren't so many violent movies around...i think.