torstai 29. elokuuta 2013

A little post in english

So i know i haven't been writing so much in English lately, its more like a matter of preference in which language i write from time to time, i have been studying English since i was in first grade so it isn't that hard to me to write in either languages and i'm trying to get better and better at it by chatting on English chat sites, only downside in that is that every guy in there is thinking of the only one thing and i think we all know what that thing is ;).

So lately i have been ordering some more stuff from crazy factory and for the first time i had something wrong with the order, but i e-mailed them about it and got a replacement earrings for those which were broken and it didn't cost me a thing, so there isn't a reason to get all upset if something is wrong in your order things will get sorted if you mention about that problem to them. Anyways it really didn't even matter to me because it was only one earrings that were affected and they aren't exactly that expensive.

Also yesterday my grandma called me to get milk and one liter freezing bags from the store because she couldn't go get them herself, she was a bit sick at the time, nothing too serious i guess since i have heard that she didn't have to go to the hospital ore anything.

There isn't generally that much changes in my life so i can't be bothered to write every single little thing in here, this would be really boring blog if i did, but you certainly can send me a message if you want me to write about something special ore you have any ideas at all on what to write about. Just leave a message below ore send me an e-mail: and put "ideas for posts" in the "topic" box so they won't go to the garbage section right away, and i don't want any "nasty" messages...i will delete them with most of it unread.