perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

Still single

I have been single for so long that i'm beginning to wonder if i can be with a guy ever, am i going to find anyone who wants to be with me? I may sound desperate but i'm not, i'm just thinking that i have had so many bad things when it comes to boys that i don't know if i can trust them anymore.

Anyways i went today at a local hair salon to get my hair cut, it is a place where you can get walk in haircuts and it isn't that expensive, well every place is quite the same price range but this one had time for me NOW is i said. I was on cloud nine when the hairdresser cut my hair, i just love going to the hairdresser who understands not to pull on my earrings while combing my hair...isn't it annoying when they do that?

                                This was the resault after the cut. Just the dry parts out  and layering. :D