perjantai 21. kesäkuuta 2013

crazy Factory order number 3!

So a few weeks ago i ordered some more stuff from Crazy Factory, again and here they are!
Starting with the top left corner i ordered: micro spiral 1,2 mm green, micro spiral 1,2 mm purple, micro spiral with pearls 1,2 mm, this ones circular barbell i have on so from that i don't have a pic, but i ordered a little too big balls for that, my bad, micro labret bar 1,2 mm, no thread with union jack ( if that's the right name for that flag), micro labret bar 1,2 mm , no thread with heart, mustache to 1,2 mm, barbell with dums 1,2 mm, heart earrings and a dice for ball closure ring.

All that added up to 22 € ore something like that, the postage was really quick, about four days like they say in the e-mail they send to you when they've sent them.