sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

Hair extentions

So i was just thinking that i would buy some extentions for my annoyingly short hair, i'm just wondering how many i should buy that it wouldn't look stupid on me?

Also today when i went to take my dog for a walk the mosquitoes went straight for my head and stayed there for the rest of the walk, so annoying like writing this blog sometimes is, because i don't quite know the right words sometimes so i have to say things the longer way.

Also i was thinking of getting more "filling" to my star tattoo, but only when it has faded to the point i can't stand the looks of it anymore and would have to get it "redone" again, but i'm not really sure about that either, well luckily i have many years to think that over. I could never get a tattoo that hadn't a meaning to me. The other one that i had done about a year ago, which is a cherry blossom with my mums initials on it, well that said it has very deep meaning to me since my mum died when i was 7 years old. So now every time i look at that tattoo i remember that she is with me always.