sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

My dog and epilepsy

So yesterday...and the day before that my dog had a couple of epileptic seizures and now every time he flinches ore moves quickly i have to check out that he isn't having one right now, he hadn't have one after those that happened last night but he is a bit fearful and so are we, by saying we i mean me and my dad.

The beginning of the day yesterday went great, i went to the market, which is like those block party's that they have in USA i think but with the difference that in these once different people sell their stuff. I wanted to by those native american dream catchers but they didn't take credit cards so i couldn't. Also i was wondering that it would be interesting to do that kind of candy exchange that has been in youtube, but i'm not really sure if i should do that, you'll never know what kind of things would come from there, they could contain drugs ore eaven poison ore something like that, i don't know.